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"An unprecedented historic breakthrough which will redefine the standards of Kickboxing in the Swiss landscape..."

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THE Belt WakoProSwiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics
WakoPro Swiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics
Wako Pro Swiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics
WakoProSwiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics
Representant WakoProSwiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics
Wako ProSwiss Kickboxing suisse pro - by fadamentalpics


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The WAKO PRO enters on Swiss territory...

WAKO PRO was officially founded by WAKO – World Association of Kickboxing Organizations’ Honorary President, Mr. Ennio Falsoni, in 1991 during a WAKO’s Board meeting held in Spain in occasion of WAKO European Championships. The organization was created with the precise purpose of giving the opportunity to the best kickboxing fighters to pursuit a professional career, after their career as amateur fighters in WAKO. The idea was to place the best fighters and to generate more activity, exposure and credibility to WAKO itself.

WAKO PRO activity started slowly in Europe and USA in the '90s. The first criteria used in building WAKO PRO's rankings was to consider the official results in WAKO World and European Championships only.

Subsequently, WAKO PRO started creating international rankings inserting the absolute best 4 fighters in the World and European Championships in each weight class and WAKO PRO soon became the "professional window" for all kickboxing styles.

Following the incorporation by WAKO of the International Amateur Kickboxing Sports Association (IAKSA), occurred on September 26, 2006, in Zadar (Croatia) during an extraordinary general assembly held at the World Cadet and Junior Championships, WAKO PRO was officially separated from WAKO.

From that date on, WAKO PRO is an independent entity from WAKO from both a legal and an administrative point of view, but it still plays an important role by supporting WAKO’s best athletes in the development of their career in kickboxing. However WAKO PRO and WAKO have signed a memorandum of understanding and agreement in regard to the development of the circuit and access to the very best amateur Kickboxers around the world acting as a complimentary vehicle for the development and continuation of a professional career in Kickboxing.

In the meantime, WAKO PRO has created solid and high level standard technical rules to guarantee both promoters and fighters the respect of their rights and interests in the competitions in a sustainable way, putting the interest of the athlete at the heart of everything we do.

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A historic breakthrough


Place the Swiss fighters on the world map

Prepare for a revolution in the world of combat sports! For the first time in Switzerland, the WAKO PROFESSIONNEL Federation opens its doors to all athletes wishing to shine internationally. WAKO PRO, a truly world-renowned institution, offers intercontinental opportunities to chart the path to a successful professional career.

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WAKO Kickboxing

WAKO Kickboxing

WAKO Kickboxing
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WAKO World Championships 2023

WAKO World Championships 2023

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WAKO Pro Fight Night: Darker v Lulaj

WAKO Pro Fight Night: Darker v Lulaj

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